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Cindy Lane Ross - Biography

Cindy motivates audiences from all age levels and genders by taking the discipline and determination she learned playing tennis at the worlds' most prestigious tennis academy, and from her experiences as a professional tennis player. Further, Cindy experienced illness at an early age, and gained over 100 pounds while coping with death. But she regained control of her life, all while learning self-MOTIVATION!

Cindy is a highly recognized, worldwide leader in the fitness industry, and with her collegiate and professional tennis career. She has been living with arthritis for 14 years, and has had over 22 surgeries. Cindy lost her mother to Scleroderma and her brother to Type I Diabetes.

Through her own self-discovery, Cindy shows great fortitude and is always ready to MOTIVATE and instill the principals necessary for you to change your life! Cindy will leave you in Amazement as she unfolds her story of illness, accomplishments, knowledge of health, fitness, and nutrition.

Don't miss out on Cindy's extraordinary story that will not only move you emotionally, it will make you want to jump up out of your seat and go accomplish that goal you have been struggling to meet.

Cindy graduated with a specialized degree in Exercise Science, with an emphasis in Cardiac/Pulmonary Rehab; with a minor in Business Administrator. Cindy trained at the most prestigious tennis facility in the world, Nick Bollettieri's Tennis Academy, from the age of 13. She also holds numerous certifications in fitness and nutrition, including a specialized certification in diabetes health.


Cindy is the author of two books, Body Type Blueprint & Fat to Fit Cookbook, which is available to buy on Amazon. She also writes for many National websites and magazine, and has provided fitness tips for: Arthritis Today, Ask the Trainer, Sports Reports, Mobile Bay Monthly, Access Magazine, and Rheumatoid Arthritis and You.

Cindy was also featured on the cover of three national magazine Arthritis Today, RA and You, and Health Monitor, featured as Teen's Magazine Sport's Girl of the Year.

Cindy has made many TV and radio appearances, including weekly TV segments on Channel 15 WPMI & Studio 10/ Fox 10 News for 8 years- In the Kitchen & Get Fit with Bodies By Cindy, also had a weekly radio show on News Talk Radio 710 AM called the Fat to Fit Radio Show.

Bodies By Cindy has not been her only company, she also launched two fitness apparel lines called Fit Plus Wear & Medical Fitness Solutions; a social media/website design business called Socialize Your Bizness, which she currently runs along with Stash Your Bag, where she shares her passion of travel while currently teaching fitness abroad. Cindy and her husband, Jason have started Orange Beach Fitness in Orange Beach, AL. and Cindy continues to coach clients online through her platform. Recently she has launched Life Wellness Forever and she is completing her Doctorate where she will specialize in Functional Medicine, Epigentics, Nutrigenomics, Hormone Balancing, and Autoimmune Diseases.

Cindy Lane Ross was a former board member on Arthritis Foundation, Diabetes Foundation, Advisory Board Member for the Diabetes department for Providence Hospital, a member of the Obesity Action Coalition, and facilitator for One Mobile’s Health plan with Mayor Sandy Stimpson called One Fit Mobile. Cindy Lane Ross has been a member of Mobile Area Chamber of Commerce, Coastal Alabama Chamber, Women's Business Alliance, West Mobile Rotary, recognized in Biltmore's Who's Who among business owners. 


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