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GH Factor , 180 Capsules Clinically Dosed Arginine + Lysine Formula Safe, All-Natural Support of GH*


GH Factor , 180 Capsules Clinically Dosed Arginine + Lysine Formula Safe, All-Natural Support of GH*



Safe, all-natural support of GH.

GH Factor supports healthy growth hormone (GH) secretion, naturally, with a clinically based blend of arginine and lysine.* This combination of amino acids has been suggested to support GH levels.* Your body secretes GH in pulses throughout the day, with the biggest pulse typically occurring in the early stages of nighttime sleep. With increasing age, the secretion of GH tends to decline.

Size: 180 capsules (30 servings)

Who is this product ideal for?

  • Anyone who is training hard while following a calorie-restricted diet (e.g. contest prep, cutting, fat-loss).

  • Men and women 40 years of age and older.

Secrets to Success

  • Take 2 capsules, three times daily, on an empty stomach, 30 minutes prior to meals or workouts (weight training or cardio). When taken pre-workout, GH Factor enhances pumps and the GH response to exercise.*

  • Advanced fat-loss stack: Take 2-3 GH Factor, 1-2 Energy Reserve, and 2 Lean Out capsules 30 minutes prior to each meal and before bed.

  • To boost natural GH output: Take 6 capsules on an empty stomach upon arising in the morning and again before bed.

  • Physique competitors frequently take 6 capsules 45 minutes before a competition to enhance pumps and vascularity.

What people are saying. Reviewers were compensated.

Herb says: "This is a good product for naturally boosting GH levels. It's a must for guys over 36 or anyone who wants to support their GH levels."*

Stephlaw says: "By supporting pump during workouts, it quickens recovery, builds muscle, boosts energy. I saw gains."*

Nathalie H says: "As a 48-year-old woman fighting every inch of the way to retain muscle mass and even still build some, GH Factor will help you push harder keeping you on the gaining incline. I mix with Beverly's pre-work out product and am still amazed at how much stronger I feel with these products. I will not go without this supplement!"

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